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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I came, I saw, I smashed that Plateau!!

Sixty! Oh yeah! Sixty! Woooo-woooo! After being plateau'd for a few weeks. I put on my eating healthy hat, my exercise hat, and took off my self-pity hat! Mind you, I looked strange wearing two hats around, but it worked!! I busted through that plateau and hit a milestone.

I've now lost 60 lbs on this weight loss journey. From the beginning of November until now, I have taken 60 lbs of fat and said "See ya!"

To reach 60 lbs. I had to hit 269 or lower.

I hit 269 yesterday to make it an even 60 lbs. But this morning, I'm at 268. Busting right through that 60 lbs.

What does 60 lbs mean? Well, let's see....
  1. I'm 3 lbs away from the lowest weight I can remember in the past 5-6 years.
  2. I've lost the equivalent of one of my dogs in weight!
  3. I'm seeing progress on the scale and feeling motivated.
  4. I've successfully made it out of the 320s, 310s, 300s, 290s, 280s, and 270s.
My next goal is to be at 250 before May 7th. It will be a stretch, that's 18 lbs in 48 days. I'm hoping if I push hard I can make it. I'm heading away for the weekend with some friends to Montreal, and when I hit 250 I promised myself a bit of a shopping excursion. I think it would be fitting to have new clothes before that trip!! :-)

Oh, I also got a mini fill on Thursday. Since I'm doing better with the weight loss, they didn't want to give me another cc, so I ended up with 0.5 ccs. I'm at 8.5 ccs in a 14 cc band now. Definitely feeling more restriction when I eat. Have felt stuck a few times, but it passed quickly. Since no PB or sliming - I know lot of you out there suffer with this and I feel for you each time I read about it.

Oh, so that's my story for now, milestone reached, next goal, mini fill.

Oh, and I hope to get back to post later with some clothes I have if anyone wants them. Need to go take some pictures and get them posted.



  1. OH AMEN TO THAT GIRL! We all knew you could do it! *insert happy dance and cartwheelse here*

  2. WooHoo!!! 60lbs is awesome!!

  3. Can't wait to see what clothes you buy! I love looking at pictures :) Congrats on 60 pounds.. that is amazing!!

  4. Holly that is is awesome.. I am so happy for you.. We were banded a whole day apart...

  5. Congrats! What an inspiration to everyone!