The Journey........

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food and the Gym

After my fill on Friday I was on liquids. Yesterday was mushies. Applesauce and Mashed Potatoes got me through the day. With some cheese on the potatoes for protein of course! :-)

Today I'm back on regular food and we will see how it goes. I didn't really feel restriction with the mushies, so we will see how regular food goes down. I'm hoping to feel some restriction, but I'm not sure if I will yet. At 3ccs, does sound like anyone had really good restriction.

Then I am headed to the gym today to start the couch to 5K. This involved two of my goals. One - to complete this program and start jogging/running and Two - to run a 5K race on Thanksgiving of this year. Hopefully, I can get the program going and start jogging as part of my gym routine. By Thanksgiving maybe I can keep up with my friends who are going to run the 5K with me!

On another note, here's a picture of me and my boyfriend. It's from 2 years ago, when I was approximately the same weight I am now. Sad that I put on over 40 lbs in two years. UGH!


  1. Congrats on your first fill. I'm envious.

  2. I keep hearing about this couch to 5k thing and it's interesting me a lot. Great job on setting your mind to doing it! Have a great day.

  3. I admire you a lot of aiming for a 5k. Most days it's enough for me to just walk my dog.

  4. I just read your blog and have starting following you....congrats on your success so far and I can't wait to see how your story unfolds!

  5. awesome! a lot of your NSV's are the same as mine :-) good luck!