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Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow, Shopping and Fingers Crossed

So this morning brings - a beautiful winter scene. Looks really pretty, love walking up to a snowy morning. However, that means snow and slush all over the roads by my house, but I hear the main roads and highways are pretty clear.

Which is good because I promised my niece I'd bring her dress shopping today. She's old twelve, but she has her first semi-formal this year. UGH! Isn't she too young for that? Anyway, I'm off to find an age appropriate dress that doesn't have her spilling out over the top or hanging out under the bottom. Good luck since everything I've seen so far seems to be low cut and up the you know what!! :-)

Meanwhile, I'll be thinking inside how I'd personally like to be able to wear something that low cut and up the you know what myself!! ;-)

And since I will be out shopping, I've decided to go try on some new jeans. I won't be buying anything yet because like most, I have a closet of sizes of clothes ranging from 20 to 24, even a few 26's. Right now, the 24s are really baggy, so I going to try on some 22s in the store. My own 22s are probably a bit stretched out, so I'd like to try some new ones in the store to see if they fit or not. Fingers Crossed!


  1. Tami~Hi there! Thanks for following my blog. Congrats on having such a great weight loss so far. I'm not a follower of your blog.
    About clothes, I'm not sure if you've seen but we have a "Sisterhood of the traveling clothes" thing going on, so your 26's and the 24's can be shipped to someone if you're interested in doing it just post about it. Have a great Monday!

  2. Thanks for the advice. My task this week is to go through the closet and make a pile of everything that is now too big.

    I will definitely look into donating those to someone else who can use them. Thanks again!