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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is up with Sizing?

Some of the 22s fit and some did not at all, so I guess some of my 24s will stay around for a little bit longer.

It amazes me the range that exists within one size. I'm trying to weed through my closet now and I have 20s, 22s, 24s, and some 26s. Oh wait, then the wonderful (or devious) people at certain stores decided that I guess plus sizes were all wrong, so I also have these weird 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 things in shirts and pants. Ok, the 1, 2, 3, I kind of get in shirts as it equates to the 1x, 2x, 3x, but then you have the new pant sizing from Lane and well, it's just too confusing!!

Sorry, back to the fit. The 26s are now way to big across the board. Some of the 24s are almost falling off, but some are just loose.

Most are really loose in the butt! Less junk in my trunk! :-)

Ok I can understand a bit of difference in jeans, but this seems a bit excessive. Then I go through my 22s and it's more of the same. The first pair I grab to try on, I can't even button. The next pair I can button, zip, and feel comfortable, not too tight, just a really good fit. What gives? Why can't sizes be more uniform? Am I down to a 22 when one pair fits or when they all fit??

On a totally unrelated note, our newest addition came home yesterday:
Adopted him from a local shelter. He's really skinny right now, which is hard to tell from this photo. Poor guy was picked up as stray, had an owner who never came to claim him, so he spent almost 3 months at the shelter. So while I'm loosing weight, another of my goals is to fatten him up!! :-) Kind of ironic.

He's still getting used to us, the house, and our other dog, but so far so good. Other than waking me up every 2 hours during the night to go out or jump on me!

Ok enough for now, back to work!


  1. Good for you for adopting from the shelter. When I become a millionaire, my money for donations are going to local shelters. I got my dog Shelby from one almost 11 years ago. Thanks for letting me know about your blog!

  2. Rose (my dog) came from a rescue shelter 2 years ago. Best decision I ever made.

    I too wonder about the sizing. I have a pair of jeans that are roomy and comfy- yet say they are a 22. I tried on a 24 petite at Avenue this weekend and they were snug. The blouse I bought was a 26/28 and wasn't even going to try it on till the saleslady said they run small. It fit me like a 22/24 glove!