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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fill'er Up

Today was my follow up appointment with my surgeon. I had my first fill a little over a week ago and haven't felt any restriction. The practice nurse, who is awesome, told me to call back if I felt like I needed more and they would get me in.

This is a huge change from the initial discussion I had with my surgeon who told me that as long as I was losing I wouldn't get a fill. Not the case, I talked it over the the nurse and my surgeon, played a little bit of advocate for myself and now I'm on my second fill.

So, today's fill went really quick. Took my surgeon a few minutes to fill me up again. Then did a quick barium swallow to make sure I wasn't too full. Drank down some barium... mmmm, NOT! Then had a bit of water. Everything stayed down, so I was good to go.

I now have a total of 6cc's!!

3cc's from the first fill and another 3 added today.

Hopefully I will start to feel some restriction, but for the night, I'm on liquids. Then onto mushies tomorrow, and full food on Friday. So, we will see how I feel on Friday.

I'm really hoping this fill helps me gets to my personal Super Bowl Goal of 50 lbs!

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