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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not a charm... but another NSV to report

So, my third fill was not the charm. I'm still not feeling what I would hope restriction would feel like. Maybe not having felt it, I'm not sure what I should be feeling.

Either way, it seems like I can still eat more than the 1/2 cup at time.

On a positive note, I have an NSV to report. I can now fit into the smallest jeans that I own. As with most people, I have multiple sizes in my closet marking my weight fluctuations over the years. I have sizes 26 through 20.

Well, I can now fit into the size 20 jeans that I have! YAY!! That felt sooooo good when I tried them on this morning!!

Which also means that as I continue to lose weight and what I currently have doesn't fit, I will need to shop for new clothes in smaller sizes! For once I won't be outgrowing things and need a large size, it will be smaller sizes!!!


  1. Love the colors of your blog. Just found it through BG's blog. I gotta keep reading...