The Journey........

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well... the three lbs. goal for this week didn't happen. I was really hoping I would make my own superbowl goal of 50 lbs. Not quite.... here's the details:

Lbs. lost this week: 2.5

Highest Weight - (11/15/09) - 329

Surgery was 12/3/09, I lost 20 lbs on pre-op diet - 309

Current Weight - (2/7/10) - 279.5

Total Lost: 49.5

.5 l bs! That's it! That all that stands between me and making my goal. But nooooooo.... I weighed myself like 5 times this morning and FOR ONCE, my scale came up with a consistent weight each time. It was taunting me, just saying 279.5 each time. Like HA HA, you didn't make it and I will prove it to you over, and over, and over again.

I will not allow myself to get depressed over this. I will not let this be disheartening. I must look on the positives.

I am down nearly 50 lbs!!

I have dropped a pant size!!

I may have missed my own goal date, but this is a long process, not a race!

Oh, and I will not let myself completely pig out at today's Superbowl party! The 6ccs doesn't seem to have given me any more restriction. I'm still eating as much as I could before.

That's it for now. Go SAINTS!


  1. I think you have a great attitude! 49.5 is still 49.5! Keep going and I'm sure you will see it next week!!

  2. Just call it 50! That is awesome.

    And congrats on the Saints!

  3. Sorry, I'm so late on this. You have probably lost the half pound already, but in case you need a quick half pound again, use the bathroom, blow your nose and stand on your head for 30 seconds right before you get on the scale. High school wrestlers swear by this strategy.LOLOL

  4. A haircut or a good leg shave might work! Just found your're doing really well! I'm here:
    Can't wait to read more! -BG