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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gurgle, Gurgle, Gurgle

My stomach has been talking to me all day. It's been saying a mixture of the following:

"Mushies again, are you serious, I want real food!"

"You've been 'dieting' for over two months now, isn't this usually the time you quit?"

"What the hell is this thing you've put around me, please get it out now!"

"I didn't sign up for less food and this thing tightening around me and I don't like it!"

"Seriously, I want nachos and cheese, and pizza, and reese's, and ... and... "


Obviously, my stomach is a chatty cathy today. :-) It doesn't seem to realize yet that this band and food lifestyle change is permanent.

Guess I just have to live with the voice in my stomach until it adjusts!

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