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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Third Time's a Charm??

I had my third fill yesterday which is good and bad.

  • Maybe I will start to feel some restriction?
  • Closer to my sweet spot?
  • The practice nurse did my fill and I really like her, great to talk to while I'm laying there having someone poking my belly! :-)
  • I'm down another 1.5 lbs. this morning.
  • I hit a plateau about a week back, so I'm hoping this fill stops me from hitting any more for a while.
  • I was on liquid after the fill which means only ate breakfast yesterday
  • I really don't like being on liquids. I feel grumpy.
  • I am on mushies again today, which is ok I guess, but still not real food.
  • My port has decided to make me aware of it's presence. Except for when it was healing right after surgery, I forget I have a port except when I obsess and feel around for it. Well, not in the last few days, I have been actually feeling my port when I move around. Which is a unique sensation and not one I like. Even more so after the fill, which is bugging me right now.
  • My doctor's office is jam packed with appointments. They have a new radio ad on a local station and it's generating a TON of interest for them. So, I can't get another appointment for 3 weeks. Which means if I have no restriction from this fill, I have to wait 3 weeks for another one. :-(
Here's hoping for restriction. My current goal is to hit 250 lbs before May 15th. (Though I'd like to do it sooner!) That will be 79 lbs. lost!

To reach that I have to lose 25 lbs. in the next 84 days. Which puts me at about 2 lbs. per week.

I have a wedding to attend in May, so I'd actually like to be under 250 before then, but we will see what the scale says!


  1. 2 pounds per week is a very reasonable goal! I hope you make it! 79 pounds lost would be amazing!

  2. I obsess over my port too! You should see looking down at my tummy, and I feel it all the time as well. ug!